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Meet The Team


Paul Campbell, Jr.


Paul started Paul Campbell & Associates (P.C.A.) in 1993 after working for 18 years for a large drill manufacturer. Already having numerous US patents relating to percussion hammers, he continues as a mechanical engineering consultant to big-player percussion hammer manufacturers in that industry to this day. In the late 1990s, he learned of the need for better hydraulic hammers in the doweling market niche and began development of his own product, the PCA 304, which launched PCA Rock Drills in 2001. When not working, he loves doing DIY projects with his wife, spending time with family, and serving his church.


Dawn Campbell


Though not involved in day-to-day operations, Dawn has been at Paul’s side as a trusted advisor and prayerful supporter for over 45 years. She often brings big-picture questions to the table to make sure we’re focused on our mission. Being married that long, Dawn knows Paul well enough to be a critical part of business “behind the scenes.” They together had 2 sons and 2 adopted daughters. They also love being grandparents.


Colin Campbell, P.E.

Colin was instrumental in the original PCA 304 development, and has a passion for implementing new technologies. With a few decades of project-management and mechanical engineering experience in various industries and several US patents himself, Colin’s ambition is to implement the most appropriate, innovative solutions possible for our customers. Colin is also a part-time associate pastor in his church. He and his wife, Jenn, have five children and occasional foster children.


Taharah Katherine Campbell


Taharah Katherine earned a mechanical engineering degree and has worked as an application engineer with Honda, Tesla, NASCAR and others, bridging the gap between technical designer and the customer. Using that critical marketing and voice-of-customer experience, she watches the doweling industry and helps us communicate with our existing and future customers. Taharah Katherine married into the Campbell clan (we’re so glad!). She and her husband, Paul Campbell III, have two beautiful daughters and both are involved in church ministry.

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