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Frequently Asked Questions



Please click below for common questions and answers.

  • How do PCA drills compare to what I’m using in drilling speed?
    PCA drills will most likely be significantly faster for two reasons: First, PCA drills can be pushed harder without stalling the rotation. In side-by-side testing against a competitive hydraulic doweling drill, the PCA 304 drilled nearly twice as fast with the same input power (hydraulic pressure and flow). Second, unlike competitive hydraulic doweling drills, PCA drills are robust enough to use more input power and feed force. Output power (drilling speed) is related to input power, so if you have a rig that is capable of supplying more flow, you can drill faster. Talk to us about how much flow you have available, and we can advise you.
  • Do you retrofit existing dowel rigs?
    We will work with you to retrofit PCA drills onto existing hydraulic dowel rigs.
  • I want to buy a dowel rig but the manufacturer doesn’t resell PCA drills. How do I get PCA drills on my new rig?
    If it’s a hydraulic rig, you can ask the manufacturer to sell you the rig without drills. If they won’t do that, you could purchase the complete rig and sell-off the OEM drills.
  • Do you have air hammers or just hydraulic?
    We only offer hydraulic doweling drills.
  • I have a rig with a hydraulic hammer I want to replace. Can you help?
    It’s very likely we can help you. Call us to discuss next steps.
  • I have a rig with a pneumatic (air) hammer I want to replace. Can you help?
    We do not have retrofit kits/instructions for pneumatic hammer systems due to the complexity of the change-over. However, if you are interested in doing the changeover yourself, we will gladly develop custom adapters for PCA drills to fit your rig. Call us to discuss next steps.

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