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Competitors’ doweling drills started life as hand-held tools, with limited rotation power. If you mount them on a feed and push them too hard, the rotation stalls, so you have to hold back on the feeding force. That means that a lot of the power made by the drill gets wasted because it isn’t being used to make a hole.

"We used to call our old drills our moneymakers, because we had to work so much overtime to get the job done. These PCA drills make money for the company."

- a doweling operator


PCA 304 Drill

PCA 304 Performance


PCA 304 Drill mounted on retrofit setup


PCA drills use Auto-sensing percussion rotation balance

PCA drills were designed to have plenty of rotation torque so you can push harder and actually use the drill’s energy to make a hole in the concrete. They also have a unique, patented Auto-sensing operating cycle that automatically reduces the hammer power if the rotation slows down (which can happen when you run into rebar or a crack in the concrete). This patented feature makes it less likely that the bit will get stuck. Even if it does get stuck, it’s easy to put a wrench on the drill steel and turn it backwards because PCA drills don’t use troublesome ratchet rotation like some other drills.

PCA drills use a patended steel retainer

PCA drills also have a patented quick-release drill steel retainer that is easy to operate but doesn’t open until you want it to. No more drill bits left in the hole because the retainer opened by itself! The retainer is also much easier to open when it’s all caked with concrete dust.

PCA Drills use hydraulic reservoirs rather than accumulators for proven, maintenance-free operation.

PCA drills have another feature that make them more reliable: they don’t have accumulators. That means no nitrogen bottles and charging equipment, and no failed accumulator parts. PCA drills use oil volumes that act like accumulators, reducing pressure spikes and adding power. They're a proven, reliable alternative to maintenance-heavy accumulators.



If you’re a contractor, PCA is glad to help you retrofit our drills onto your existing rigs, whether new or used. Give us a call to discuss next steps for mountings, flow requirements, etc. Our drills work equally well on single-drill machines or 5-drill gang rigs.

304-Gang rig (6000x4000).jpg

PCA 304 drills on a doweling gang rig

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