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The DM-200 Series


We're proud to unveil the first PCA doweling module for our high performance doweling drills. The DM Series (or Doweling Module series) is designed for the PCA304 drill, and includes multiple patent-pending features to make your life easier. The DM-200 carriage is available in incremental lengths for the patch size and hole depth you need.

The carriage is designed to be retro-fitted onto existing excavator and skid-steer mounts. With this new doweling module series, you can now use your favorite drill with a module that fits it perfectly. Check out the specifications and features below.

"We quoted a job that we thought would take two weeks. With our new PCA drills, it took three days."

- a doweling operator


The DM-200 Series is designed with a minimal overall length to make getting in and out of patches easier. It bolts directly to standard rectangular tubing, and is available with different feed tube lengths for a range of hole depths.

We designed the DM-200 Series to help you do more drilling with less cussing.

Key Features

PCA Quick-Release Centralizer
Easy-maintenance wear pads are designed for fast change-out. Dismount and reattach in minutes!
The integrated 2” dust collector port is conveniently located on top for easy access.
Number 3.png
More time drilling, less time spent on maintenance! Our Quick-Release Centralizer allows for bit change-outs in seconds, not minutes.
The PCA304 is the highest performing doweling drill in production. Just ask our customers!

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