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PCA Rock Drills provides unprecedented speed and reliability for doweling applications.

Dominate the job and the competition with

PCA Rock Drills.

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Is your company losing time and money because of unreliable doweling drills?


Are you frustrated with losing bids because your drills are too slow or unreliable to meet the deadline? Broken or under-powered doweling drills cost your company money by the minute and bring it closer to extinction. 


What if you could go through a week without worrying about downtime from broken drills?

What if you could bid a job confidently because you knew no one could compete with your pricing and speed?

With PCA drills, you can.
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Can you drill 12" in under 20 seconds?

With PCA Rock Drills, you can.

You don’t have to worry about missing deadlines or bids while using PCA rock drills. Our doweling drills get the job done in less time than our competitors, giving you more opportunities.


When we invented the PCA 304, we set out to find solutions to common drill-related issues. We asked people like you what their biggest problems were with their drills. With modern innovation and ingenuity, we designed our drills without those problems.

If you’re interested in why PCA Rock Drills perform better than the competition, check out the Products page.

Interested in purchasing a drill? Click the Contact Us button or call us at 888.70.DRILL

Why Trust PCA?


The short answer is we're a family run business with family values. For over 20 years, we've been building drills and relationships with our customers. We listen to our customers' needs and design to meet them. Without the use of traditional advertising, PCA has grown steadily over the years through word-of-mouth reputation and exceptional customer service. Read more of our story here.


We’re a family business with family values. 

“We quoted a job that we thought would take two weeks. With our new PCA drills, it took three days.”

- PCA Customer

“We used to call our old drills our moneymakers, because we had to work so much overtime to get the job done. These PCA drills make money for the company.”

- PCA Drill Operator

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Interested in purchasing a PCA drill?

Whether you have an existing rig you’d like to retrofit or you want to buy a new rig but use more reliable doweling drills, we can help you formulate a plan to make it happen. A phone call is the best way to start. Call us to explain your drilling application. We have retrofit options, and can often develop custom retrofit designs at no charge. 


Don’t wait until the end of the season to start a conversation with us about next season. Get in front of the line by calling us today.


Call us today to start the conversation.

888.70.DRILL or Contact Us.

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